Terra Vonnel and the Skulls of Aries – Chapter 5

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Terra Vonnel and the Skulls of Aries


Still on her knees, she looked up at the vampire. His right hand gripped his silver cutlass, and in the left hand was the Skull of Aries.

Long black hair fell like a curtain around his face, and his violet, cat-like eyes pierced through the shiny black veil.  Dragos wore a black vest with matching trousers, tall black boots, and a cloak. Dangling from his left ear was a long earring that resembled a shark tooth. He wore four rings on each hand, the facets of the various jewels reflecting the flame of the Vanquisher as he approached.

“Is this what you were looking for?” he asked smugly.

Terra could not respond at first. Her hands were trembling, and she could barely keep her grasp on the Vanquisher.

“Dragos… Funny finding you here,” she gasped. “Looks like you could really use some sun there, big boy.”

Dragos smiled, his long white canines visible now. “Surely you didn’t think you could win? That you could outsmart me, little girl?”

Terra lowered her head to the floor of the hull and screamed out in agony. The throbbing pain had reached the top of her spine and began numbing its way down. She knew it was only a matter of minutes before complete paralysis set in. She had to do something and do it quickly.

“You know this is no way to treat a lady,” she said, panting. “I might have to gut you for this!”

She was obviously in no position to do anything of the sort; it was more of a ploy to keep him distracted. Dragos was a vampire, but first and foremost he was a man, and all men love to boast, especially egotistical maniacs like Dragos.

“Yes, quite painful, isn’t it?” he asked mockingly.

“How… how are you doing this?” she cried out, her head rolling from side to side. She did not care how he was doing it; she just needed it to stop.

As Terra gasped in pain, she slowly reached for the Amulet of Demons. She grasped it in her fist and through gritted teeth spoke the incantation.

“You see, Vixen, you are just a frail child–a mortal child at that.”

Pain and anger intertwined, fusing into rage just as the bow hatch behind him burst open and the Sea Ghouls emerged. Dragos turned just in time as the first Ghoul approached. With pallid skin and bloodshot eyes, the mutilated corpse stabbed at Dragos, filled with an eerie vengeance.

Dragos parried the sword downward and countered with a vicious swing to the neck. The Sea Ghoul’s head flew into the air and onto the floor as three more engaged.

Now was the time to attack, Terra thought. With the pain still swirling around in her head, she leaped forward, thrusting the Vanquisher deep into Dragos’ back.

Dragos screamed in pain, arching backward with both arms held wide. The Vanquisher’s blazing blue tip protruded from the vampire’s chest. Dragos’ sword fell from his hand, but he continued to grasp the Skull of Aries.

Terra withdrew the Vanquisher from behind as the three swords of the Sea Ghouls simultaneously impaled Dragos’ chest. Again Dragos screamed out in pain as he fell to his knees.

“Stop!” Terra yelled.

The three Sea Ghouls froze, their swords embedded deep in the chest of Dragos. Their heads turned in unison, staring at Terra, their long, blood-stained teeth visible now. They were hungry. They needed to feed and they wanted Dragos badly.

“Withdraw,” she commanded.

The Ghouls withdrew their swords, sheathed them, and took one step back as if they were soldiers. Terra moved to the side of Dragos, who was panting and spitting up blood now. Once in front of him, she began to smile.

“I think you have something that belongs to me,” she said casually.

Dragos’ pale face was blue from the reflection of the Vanquisher. A small, fleshy hole lay smoldering in his chest where she had impaled him from behind.

“How… how are you able to control them…” he grunted. “What sorcery have you done?”

Still smiling, Terra stepped closer to Dragos. She wanted to look him in the eye. He seemed scared now and in pain. Just the way she liked her vampires.

“It’s not sorcery, Dragos. It’s the Vonnel charm.  Some men just can’t resist.”

She raised the Vanquisher so he could feel the heat of the flame on his face. “This is going to sting a little, handsome.”

With a quick downward stroke, Terra severed Dragos’ arm, which held the Skull of Aries. Dragos screamed, his body cringing as the arm fell to the floor with a thud.

“You see, you hurt me, Dragos,” she said, staring into his violet eyes. “I told you that was no way to treat a lady, and I meant it.”

Suddenly she could feel her head beginning to tingle with another twinge of pain. He was doing it again, trying to get into her mind. He was not as strong this time, she thought. He was too weak now; the pain was causing him to lose focus.

Terra moved the Vanquisher’s tip to his throat. The flame singed his skin. She leaned in closer and whispered, “You disappoint me, Dragos.”

She reached down, her eyes fixed on his, and removed the skull from the hand of the severed arm. Gradually, with the Vanquisher still at his throat, she moved backward between the Sea Ghouls.

She paused, giving Dragos one final look.

“There is something you should know about me, Dragos. I don’t like head games.  No girl does.” She grinned. “Kill him!”

In an instant, the Ghouls had Dragos surrounded. His screams rang out, loud and agonizing at first, but gradually they faded away into the carnivorous consumption of the bloodthirsty Sea Ghouls.

Terra turned and walked back through the dark hull, stepping over the dead bodies, her eyes fixated on the silver skull with horns and emerald eyes.

The battle was over, and she had won. Finally, she had retrieved the missing piece to unlock her destiny. She was one step away from having everything she ever wanted, and there would be nothing to stand in her way.

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