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This is a great bit of information straight from Amazon KDP themselves that I thought I would share. I know from experience that the right category and keywords make a difference. A few small tweaks like this help my book to soar from 2,331 to being #1 on the Amazon Best Sellers List in three categories. It’s a crucial step to building a strong foundation for your book. Remember, building an author platform is lot of hard work; its primary job once it has been built is to share, retain, and grow your customer base/readership. But you can’t build an effective author’s platform useless your target audience knows you exist. So concentrate on getting noticed for FREE—let Amazon help you do that. Become a master of category placement and keywords and your target audience will find you.

Metadata Guidelines

Providing accurate, descriptive title information about your story (known as metadata) helps create the best experience for our readers. Below, we have some guidelines to follow when providing your metadata. Kindle Worlds will not publish any submission with metadata that is meant to advertise, promote, mislead, or impair our readers’ ability to make good buying decisions.


The title field should only contain the actual title as it appears on the cover of your story. Kindle Worlds will automatically prefix your title with the name of the World in the Kindle store. We will also append your title with “Kindle Worlds” and may include an indicator of the length for shorter works.

Titles are the most frequently used search attribute. Missing or erroneous title information may make it more difficult for readers to find your work. Customers pay special attention to errors in titles and won’t recognize the authenticity of your story if it has corrupted special characters, superfluous words, bad formatting, extra descriptive content, etc. Examples of items that are prohibited in the title field include but are not limited to:

  • Unauthorized reference to other titles or authors
  • Unauthorized reference to a trademarked term
  • Reference to sales rank (i.e. ‘best-selling’)
  • Reference to advertisements or promotions (i.e. ‘free’)

Series Title

A series is a connected set of stories. If your story is not part of a series, please leave this field blank. However, if your story is part of a series, enter the name of the series in the Series Title field. Identifying the name of the series helps customers find other titles that are part of that series in the Kindle Store.

Data entered into the Series Title field will be appended to the title on your story’s detail page. Because titles are the most frequently used search attribute, your series title name must adhere to title guidelines above.

Search Keywords

Search keywords can be a word or a phrase. Kindle Worlds allows up to seven keywords to be submitted, with a total letter count less than 100. We recommend that for the best results, you use phrases that are 2-3 words long. To determine the right search keywords for your story, we suggest you think like a reader browsing for a book. What are your target readers searching for?

As you consider which search keywords are right for your story, note that when a story has search keywords that are not accurate descriptors of its central storyline or are completely unrelated to its content, it can lead to unexpected or confusing search results and provide a poor customer experience. We do not tolerate search keywords that mislead or manipulate our customers. Examples of items that are prohibited as search keywords include but are not limited to:

  • Reference to other authors
  • Reference to books by other authors
  • Reference to sales rank (i.e. ‘best-selling’)
  • Reference to advertisements or promotions (i.e. ‘free’)
  • Reference to anything that is unrelated to your book’s content

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