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Number 1

Haven: A Stranger Magic is back to number ONE. Thanks again to all the Haven fans and your continued support!

“This book is one of those that keeps you reading to find out what is going to happen next starting from the beginning. ”
Amazon Customer| 37 reviewers made a similar statement

“The author is talented, because the story line is easy to follow, the characters are from everyone’s reality, the magic isn’t corny but well written. ”
Mom’s Thumb Reviews| 28 reviewers made a similar statement

“This book will make you crave the second book. It ends leaving you wanting more, so purchasing them together is a good idea. Haven: A Stranger Magic leads you through the rather straight forward boring and slightly miserable life of Sam. His sister acts stuck up and picks on him constantly, then you have the mother who does everything and yet is barely there as she works so much. However there is a strange magic surrounding the small family of three. Sam sees a stranger staring up at his window and the whole thing sets off a new world that Sam is about to discover. His sister has special powers however it hasn’t shown anything for him yet. Eventually they will find out who they really are. For now, Sam keeps running into magical things and at first believes he’s the only one who is seeing them. Not only will you be flipping or scrolling through the pages as fast as you can, but eventually you’ll want to find out who they are just as much as they do! I have been very interested in this book ever since I read the synopsis and it definitely is as good as it seems. So take a leap of faith and dive into the book of Haven: A Stranger Magic. It’s so worth your time.” – Heather


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Behind-the-Book-Holly QuinnFor the second installment of Haven: Behind the Books we are going to take a look at the concept art for the Haven character Holly Quinn.  This rare video footage has captured the different stages the character when through.  Haven Team member Juan Caruso demonstrates his raw talent as he brings you from concept to completion. Enjoy the journey!

Keepers are a lethal, agile and flexible force, capable of conducting complex, joint special operations missions. Used as a primarily tier-one counter-terrorist unit, specifically directed to kill or capture high value units or dismantle terrorist cells. Keepers remain extremely flexible and can engage in direct action missions, hostage rescues, and covert missions working directly with the Majesty. Keeper Agents are under operational control of Atamar von Bogdan, the Minister of Justice.

Keeper Agent - Holly Quinn -WHITE - Haven Book Series

Keeper Agent – Holly Quinn -WHITE – Haven Book Series. Click picture to find out more!

Keeper Agent - Holly Quinn - COLOR - Haven Book Series

Keeper Agent – Holly Quinn – COLOR – Haven Book Series. Click picture to find out more!



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Image-1Yep, it’s true! For the first time all four of my books are currently on the Amazon Top 100 Best Sellers list for their respective categories at the same time.

For an author this is HUGE, and I want to express my sincere appreciation to the Haven and Terra Vonnel fans.  I am truly humbled and honored by your continued support.

I would also to thank my Haven team members: Skip Morris, Clare Gilbert, Krista Bohr, Terri May, Roy Migibon, Lauren Harris, Maureen Cutajar, Juan Caruso,(Terra Vonnel team members) Linda Jones, Michelle Sparks, and Karl Monger who have so generously supported my efforts with their wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and hard work.

Last, but certainly NOT least, to all my blogger friends. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce the world of Haven to your dedicated followers around the world.  I will always be grateful! DCA










The company we keep! 😉


Haven: Behind the Books – RUGER

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We have big plans for the next installment in the Haven Series: Elixir of Life. We are going to dive deep into the world of Haven. There will be more action, more intrigue, and more deception coming your way. There will also be a host of new characters. So as we take this journey together, I wanted to begin by showing you some of the work being done by the very talented members of the Haven Team in preparation for making Elixir of Life the best Haven book ever!

Over the course of the year, we will take a rare look “Behind the Book” into the creation of the world we call Haven. You will be the first to see original concept art, audiobook samples, and much more! It should be quite a ride.

For the first installment of Haven: Behind the Books we are going to take a look at the concept art for a new Haven character in Elixir of Life, code name: RUGER, a fallen Paladin turned Assassin. This rare video footage was captured while the concept art was being created. Haven Team member Juan Caruso demonstrates his raw talent as he brings to life one of Havens most ruthless killers. Enjoy the journey!






Ruger – Paladin Concept Art -Haven Book Series

by D.C. Akers – BUY





Ruger -Paladin – WHITE – Haven Book Series

by D.C. Akers  – BUY




Ruger – Paladin – COLOR -Haven Book Series

by D.C. Akers – BUY


Ruger - Head Shot

During the battle of the Great War there were only three active Paladin teams in existence. All three teams were lost in action due to compromised intelligence. Only one survivor exists to date. Call sign: Ruger.

The Paladin division was originally formed by the Majesty to conduct clandestine missions behind enemy lines and capture enemy targets and intelligence against impossible odds.

The Paladins were known to be cunning and patient, backed by swift and decisive action when necessary. As highly trained soldiers, they were lethal in both hand-to-hand combat as well as hand-held weapons.
A Paladin team was made up of no more than five soldiers, each specialized in a specific area of guerrilla warfare. The small, highly trained teams usually worked at night conducting some of the Majesty’s most important missions.

Paladin recruitment was also top secret. No one knew the identity of a single soldier except for the Paladin Master Chief.


AMAZON – New Sales Dashboard and Royalty Report

Written by on April 14th, 2014. Posted in Indie Writers News

Amazon has added a Sales Dashboard to the KDP Reports page to give you up-to-date reporting of paid, borrowed and free orders as they are placed in Kindle stores worldwide. The new dashboard also helps you track royalties earned as payments are processed for these orders

With the new Sales Dashboard you can:

– Track orders as they are placed: The dashboard graph provides you with daily trends for your titles as orders are placed in Kindle stores worldwide.
– Track royalties as payments are processed: The dashboard displays a summary of royalties earned as payments are processed for your orders.
– Generate customized royalty reports: The downloadable report gives you a detailed picture of orders, refunds and royalties earned.

You can filter the Sales Dashboard and Sales & Royalty Report by title, marketplace, and timeframe. The information you currently receive in the Prior Six Weeks’ Royalties reports is now available in the new Sales Dashboard and Sales & Royalty Report. We will remove this report in the near future.

Visit the Sales Dashboard to view the new reports here:


Sales Dashboard

Your Sales Dashboard provides up to 90 days of historical orders and earned royalties, with a graph that provides daily order totals to help you see trends. The dashboard can be filtered by timeframe, title and marketplace. Royalties earned are displayed in the summary table and you can generate a downloadable Sales & Royalty Report to get more details.Information Provided on the Sales Dashboard
Under Units Ordered on the dashboard, you’ll see a graph with the following: Paid Units, Borrowed Units (through the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library for KDP Select-enrolled titles) and Free Units. You can filter the graph by Title, Marketplace, and Timeframe. Below the graph, you’ll see a Royalties Earned table. This allows you to see your royalties for all marketplaces in the time period you select. The royalty amounts shown are usually updated within about 24 hours of orders being placed. To see a detailed “Sales & Royalty Report,” click “Generate Report.” This report includes units sold, refunds and royalties (excluding KOLL royalties) earned during your selected timeframe.Orders, Sales and Royalties
Any time a customer purchases your title, that’s an order. An order becomes a sale once the payment is processed. Royalty earned is based on sales.Time Zones for International Marketplaces
You’ll see dates on the dashboard which are calculated in the local time zone of the selected marketplace.. For example, if you select “” the units ordered there are recorded in the local time zone (GMT). And if you select “All Marketplaces,” the total displayed is the sum of units ordered on each date in the corresponding local time zone of the Amazon marketplace, just like in the Prior Month’s Royalties report.

Sales and Royalties Report

You can use this report to view units ordered  and royalties earned during the timeframe selected on the dashboard. You can download this report by clicking “Generate Report” on the Sales Dashboard page. When you have  qualifying sales in a given month, you will be paid approximately 60 days following  the end of the calendar month during which applicable sales occur. The report contains two tabs – a “Royalty Report” tab and an “Orders Report” tab. Here’s some more detail on the information provided on each tab:

Royalty Report Tab
This tab contains detailed royalty calculations to help you  understand how royalties are calculated based on the “Net Units Sold” for your titles during the selected timeframe. An order becomes a sale once the payment is  processed, which usually takes about a day. Royalty earned is based on sales.

Royalty Tab  definitions

Date Date (in local time zone) on which the orders were placed
Title You’ll a separate row for daily sales recorded for each title in the Royalty Report. If you’re title is available for sale in more than one    marketplace, the report also shows each daily sales for each marketplace on separate rows.
Author Name The author name associated with the title.
ASIN The ASIN for your title, displayed in order of most paid orders received.
Marketplace The Amazon marketplace where the sale or royalty was recorded.
Royalty Type Type of royalty applicable (35% or 70%).
Transaction Type The type of transaction recorded for this title (see table below for more detail).
Units Sold Each row shows you daily sales totals by title for marketplace and transaction type
Units Refunded Shows you the total units refunded for each title on that day
Net Units Sold Net Units Sold = Units Sold – Units Refunded. This is the basis of your royalty calculation.
Avg. List Price Average list price listed for the title on that day.
Avg. File Size Average file size of the title for that day.
Avg. Offer Price Average offer price customers saw for the title on that day.
Avg. Delivery Cost Average delivery charge for the title on that day.
Royalty Earned royalties for the sales in that row. For more information on how royalties are calculated, read the Pricing Page or Terms & Conditions.
Currency The currency of the royalty.

Transaction Types



MatchBook Your book was sold as a part of the Kindle MatchBook program.
Kindle Countdown    Deals Your book was sold during a Kindle Countdown Deals promotion.
KOLL Your book was borrowed as a part of the Kindle Owners Lending Library.
Standard Your book was sold as a standard Kindle book transaction.

Negative Royalties
Earned royalties  are calculated based on your Net Units Sold. Since Net Units Sold = Units Sold – Units Refunded, it is possible to see a negative royalty if your “Units Refunded” exceed “Units Sold” for a  particular day.

Orders Report Tab
This tab contains a summary of paid, borrowed and free orders received for your title(s) during the selected timeframe. This is the information provided in the Units Ordered graph on your Sales Dashboard.

Orders Report Tab: Definitions

Date Date (in local time zone) on which the orders were placed, starting with the most recent date.
Title You’ll see each title on a separate row in the Royalty Report.
Author Name The author name you entered for the title.
ASIN The ASIN for your title.
Marketplace The Amazon marketplace where the sale or royalty was recorded.
Borrowed Units KOLL borrows recorded for the title.
Free Units Free orders received on that date.
Paid Units Paid orders received on that date.

Series Updates for Kindle Books on

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Here is a NEW update for Kindle Authors! We’re making updates to the way series books are listed on Series books are books with multiple volumes—whether they’re each complete books, or individual sections of a longer book. To make these books easier for customers to find, we’re updating how we organize them in the Kindle Store in the coming weeks, including changes to the detail page so that the title displays as “Title: Subtitle (Series Title Book Volume)”. These changes will help make sure that customers can find all of your books easily.Here’s how series information should be used:
• Series Title: Your Series Title in KDP should be the name of the series. By ensuring that all books in a series have the exact same value for “Series Title”, you will improve discoverability of your books.
• Volume: Enter only a numerical value (eg: 1, 2, 3; not “Book 5” or “Book V”)For example, if your book is called “The World” and is the second book within your “Science Facts” book series, your information would be as follows:• Book title:   The World
• Series title: Science Facts
• Volume:       2

The title for this book will show up as “The World (Science Facts Book 2)”.

Please update the series information for your books listed above by April 14th to ensure your series books will surface appropriately in the Kindle Store once we’ve made our updates. Also, please review any other series books you’ve published to ensure they follow the same standards noted above.

To update your book information:
1. On your bookshelf, in the “Other Book Actions” columns next to the title you’re updating, click “Edit book details”.
2. Enter changes to your series information under “Step 1. Enter Your Book Details”.
3. Click “Save and Continue,” then click “Save and Publish”. Your book will be reviewed and republished with your new series information within 24 hours.

Thank you for your attention to this. For more information, read more in help:


Kindle Direct Publishing Team


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Giddyup Lane 1I thought I would take a few minutes to share some updates as well as bring you up to speed regarding a few new projects.

Revenge of the Viper Update:
I’m happy to report Haven: Revenge of the Viper is doing quite well, so thank you to all the Haven fans for your continued support. You’re the BEST!




Smash -Book 2 -E-BOOK - BEST SELLERRevenge of the Viper Review:
The reviews are starting to roll in and I wanted to share few of them with you:

“It has been a long time since I stayed up most of the night reading a book. I did last night. I was just going to finish the chapter and then the battle began. I was caught up breathlessly fighting with Alisa protecting her children. I had tears of grief with Sam’s fragile sense of honor. I laughed at the dry sense of humor of Vallen. Demetrius became my protector. Let me not forget Travis’s ability to diffuse any tense moment with his off-handed remarks. And then, there will be Book #3: Haven: Elixir of Life; I cannot wait.

D.C. Akers is a master of suspense. His ability to describe the characters and battle scenes is so realistic; I can see them as if I were watching a video. I was riveted to the written word and scenes before me.” – Linda Skinner

“I couldn’t wait to read this book and it was everything I thought it would be and more. I cried, laughed and thought this is cool magic. Wish I could be them and can’t wait to see what happens next with the kids lives, seeing they are changed forever. – Nancy Reyes

This installment of the Haven Series is a really quick, well written, and exciting read! There are edge-of-your-seat fight scenes, wicked cool magic, and emotions through the roof … all written engagingly and amazingly. The Vipers are written terrifyingly well, in that they are actually nightmares brought to life. The characters are very relatable in their reactions and I love all of the references to Star Wars, Star Trek, and Disney. With new questions brought up in the plot, I can hardly wait to read what happens next!” – Ingrid M

If you have already read Revenge of the Viper please join us and share your experience by adding your own review. You can read more reviews here.

New Audiobook:
Production started a week ago for two new audiobooks, Haven: Revenge of the Viper and the Haven Series Collection. Narrator Lauren Harris will be returning to the project and she will have her work cut out for her as Revenge of the Viper calls for numerous dialects covering multiple nationalities. I can’t wait to get a sample! You can check out a sample of her work here with Haven: A Stranger Magic.

New Website:
We are in the final stages of the new website so I hope to have that wrapped up by April 1st.

Goodreads Book Giveaway:
Sign up for your chance to win a FREE signed copy of Haven: Revenge of the Viper.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Haven by D.C. Akers

Haven: Revenge of the Viper

by D.C. Akers

Giveaway ends May 21, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

Smash -Book 3 -E-BOOKHaven: Elixir of Life (Book 3):

The journey begins … I will begin outlining the new manuscript next week and I plan to be up running with the entire Haven team by the first of May. We are shooting for a release date somewhere around the first of 2015.


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Smash -Book 3 -E-BOOK

Elixir of Life is (Book #3) in the Bestselling series HAVEN, following Revenge of the Viper (BOOK #2) and A Stranger Magic (BOOK 1) which is available as a FREE download at  Amazon.comBarnes and NobleKobo BooksIBooks/Itunes, and Smashwords!

Many of you have asked when Haven: Elixir of Life will be release. As of right now we are shooting for the first of 2015. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE at the bottom of the page for the latest updates!


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CaptureHaven: Revenge of the Viper breaks into the TOP 100 in Amazon’s  Best Sellers list for Paranormal Fantasy! Thank you Haven fans! A special thanks to all my new/old blogger friends! Your support has been amazing!


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Haven: A Stranger Magic has not only hit #1 in all its major categories in the past, but now has broken into Amazon’s (USA) TOP 100 in Kindle books. The top 100 Bestsellers of Kindle is dominated by romance novels. So the fact that Haven: A Stranger Magic is a novella rather than a novel, and fantasy fiction … well, that is mind-blowing to say the least.

Thank you Haven fans! Your passion and devotion has taken Sam, Travis, and the rest of the Haven gang places we never thought possible.


Concept Art

Concept Art

Gallery quality print on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free archival paper using Epson K3 archival inks. Custom trimmed with 1" border for framing.