Terra Vonnel and the Skulls of Aries – Chapter 11

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Terra Vonnel and the Skulls of Aries

Gate of Monticule

It was a tall, sweeping gate, similar in shape to a teardrop and embedded in the face of the rock. Water rushed through the bottom and over the edge, cascading down into the beautiful twin waterfalls they had seen earlier.

The gate had been meticulously crafted in gold and inlaid with silver ivy tracery that ran like lace across its outer edges. It was everything she had imagined, but what made the gate so remarkable was it had no point of entry, unlike most gates, which had a latch, to one side or the other, or a swing gate that opened in the middle.

The Gate of Monticule instead had, near the top corners of the gate, two small openings, each shaped in the form of a small skull, which served as its locking mechanism.

In the distance, beyond the gate, a small golden podium stood in the center of the rushing stream. Hovering in the center of the podium was a crimson-colored orb–the Orb of Time.

Terra eyed the Orb through the golden gate as if in a trance. To see it with her own eyes after all this time was a dream come true. She had waited, planned, and fought so hard for this moment, and finally here it was. She would soon possess the power to control her destiny and change the past as well as her future. The world would no longer know her as just a thief. It would know her as the most powerful woman in the world!

Terra quickly pulled off the rucksack strapped to her back and removed the twin Skulls of Aries. Holding a skull in each hand, she walked over to the rushing stream and stepped into the water. The water was cold, and the current fast–so fast she almost lost her footing. Slowly she moved forward, inching herself closer to the gate.

“Careful, Vixen,” Coven said as he watched in anticipation.

Marcus, on the other hand, stood as if he were ready to advance. His eyes fixed on Terra as she moved closer to the gate. He knew the first person to touch the Orb of Time would become the keeper, and he had every intention of that person being him!

Now standing just inches away, Terra placed the first skull in the top right corner of the gate. The silver skull slid into place perfectly. There was a slight humming sound before the emerald eyes of the skull illuminated. Holding steady, Terra placed the remaining skull in the top left corner of the gate and stepped back as the emerald eyes came to life in a brilliant flash of light.

Terra watched as the gold gate began to glow a bright green. The top right skull burst into purple flames, followed by the second skull. Slowly the gate began to disappear, taking with it each of the flaming skulls. Terra took one step back, as did Coven, while Marcus took one step forward.

“Marcus, what are you doing?” Coven asked.

Marcus turned and smirked at Coven. “Sorry, old friend, but I need that orb!”

Marcus leaped into the water, sloshing his way past Terra and toward the entrance.

“Vixen!” Coven shouted, but it was too late. Marcus had already reached the entrance.

“Marcus… NO!” Terra shouted.

Marcus was not listening. He entered with his hands outstretched, reaching for the floating orb just as three razor sharp scimitar blades swung out from each side of the entrance. He never stood a chance. In an instant, the blades reduced Marcus to three separate pieces–head, torso, and legs.

The rushing white water turned scarlet as what remained of Marcus floated past Terra and over the edge to the pool below.

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