Terra Vonnel and the Skulls of Aries – Chapter 2

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Terra Vonnel and the Skulls of Aries

Battle Ready


The Aspen moved alongside the Mont Delia, its bow just a few feet away now. Terra leaped from the quarterdeck and onto the main deck as the Aspen’s forward hull pitched high into the air, crashing through another enormous wave.

Terra braced herself as she made her way across the deck to a small hatch. She yanked open the wooden door and jumped inside. The hull was dark. To each side of the hull sat fifteen Sea Ghouls rowing effortlessly, compelled by some form of mystical trance.

A small lantern hung from a rafter in the back of the room. There in a corner was a large desk bolted to the hull, and seated behind it was a thin, wiry man.

“Come for your weapons, have you, Vixen?” said Tink, the master gunner responsible for the ship’s guns and ammunition.

“Ah, you are so perceptive, Tink!” she replied with a grin. “Yes, and I’ll be hunting vampires!”

Tink returned the smile. He had one tooth, which gleamed of gold, surrounded by a face that resembled a withered pumpkin. His filthy gray hair hung past his shoulders. He wore a dirty gray shirt and black trousers that had also seen better days. Tink was not known to be a neat man, but he was renowned for his knowledge of weapons–magical weapons. Terra knew this early on, which was the reason he was part of her crew.

“Vampires… well then, you’ll be needing this!”

Tink stood and shuffled back to the large red chest closest to him. It was one of many that lined the back of the hull. Wrenching open the lid, he quickly withdrew the silver sword known as the Vanquisher.

The legendary weapon, crafted originally as a slashing sword, was ideal for close-quarters combat. The blade was 30 inches in length, with a two-point serrated edge on one side that emitted a mystical light blue glow when unsheathed.  When in battle, or in a time of distress, the sword would ignite a brilliant blue flame so intense that it could penetrate almost anything. The blade itself was forged from an unknown metal, with a light blue illumines engraving, written in the ancient Nitra language, that translated to, Vanquish thy enemy.  Its silver handle was fashioned into the likeness of a serpent, and the cast metal pommel featured the Nitra symbol for life–the body of a dove with a sapphire jewel for the head.  But the most intriguing feature was its guard, a six-horned dragon with sapphire eyes and central sapphire stone arranged in the image of Kingus, the Goblin God of Retribution.

“And my revolver, too,” she said, grabbing the sword from him.

Tink grinned again. He knew the precise gun. He reached back into the chest and retrieved the Diablo 9 Shooter. The revolver held nine bullets, firing three rounds simultaneously, with a nickel-plated barrel and an ornate dragonhead handle carved by one of the famed Dragon Lords of old.

Terra took the leather holster, strapped it to her leg, and tightened the belt. The gun fit snugly against her thigh like an old, familiar friend.

“Good hunting, Vixen!” he said with a wink.

“Thanks, Tink. I‘ll need it!” she replied as she made her way back up the ladder, to the hatch, and onto the deck.

The Aspen rocked in unison with the Mont Delia as she slid up alongside her. A loud CRASH rang out as the bows collided. Terra untied a thick rope attached to the Aspen’s main topsail. She twirled it around her hand and ran for the side of the ship. With her lunge, the rope pulled tight, swinging Terra over the edge and onto the main deck of the Mont Delia.

A loud voice rang out behind her as five seamen from the Aspen followed after her. “Attack!”

Terra landed on the deck, tucking and rolling till she got to her feet running. Quickly she unsheathed the Vanquisher, which ignited into a dazzling blue flame as the vampire seamen engaged.

White fanged and with gleaming violet eyes, they charged with swords in the air screaming like crazed beasts.

Terra fell to her knees, sliding past the first attacker while slashing through his midsection as the rest of her seamen engaged the enemy from behind her.

She got to her feet and sprinted to the captain’s quarters near the rear of the ship. The deck was slippery, and her line of sight was limited due to the immense storm, but she made it.

Standing in front of Count Dragos’s quarters, she kicked open the large, dilapidated door and dashed inside. With the Vanquisher in one hand illuminating the way and the Diablo in the other, she searched the room for Dragos.

The blue glow that emitted from the Vanquisher quivered as she moved it carefully across the room, scanning every inch of the cabin and revealing a small bed, a cabinet of clothes, and a desk, with scattered maps littering the premises. It was then she noticed it in the farthest corner of the cabin–a green box trimmed in silver. It was the same green box she had stolen from the cleric in Pelegosto.

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